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Protein Powder For Women

Whether you are a body builder or just desiring to beef up your muscles, all you have to do is to increase your protein intake as well as your work outs. The problem you might have faced is that finding the right protein powder for women is not easy because there are many varieties out there and each seems to be having a twist. Since body building has been dominated by men for many years, most protein powders you find in online supplement stores seem to be available only for men.

Thanks goodness, there are more women targeted protein products in the market too. However, most information on proteins seems to target men only. It is even hard to find advice on protein powders if you are a woman because they are associated with men’s muscles only. In fact if you are a woman and try to ask anyone, they will always give you a questioning look.

Women Can Use The Same Proteins Men Use

Fortunately women do not need asking anymore. Research has proven that women can still use protein men take to build up their muscles. It is however advisable to seek more helpful information on good proteins for women.

Note that most proteins in the market are just nutrients or foods if you prefer which are essential in both women and men. However since their bodies are different in several ways, their consumption rates are also different.

Women protein powder servings are normally lower than for men. Apart from proteins, women body builders should also consume a lot of Vitamin B6, folic acid, and iron. Protein powder isolates are often considered the best for women because they have less carbohydrates and fats and can be absorbed quickly compared to protein concentrate.

However women should consume the isolates in moderation because they are rich in sodium.

Soy protein powder should be every woman’s best friend. The only problem is that most soy proteins sold out their have a lot of flavor and sugars which help kill the beany taste. These additives can also be very harmful and should also be taken in moderation.

Recommended Protein Powder

The protein powder you choose to take will be determined by your goals. If you want to build your muscles, then any type of protein used for men can help you do so. Whey protein powder is the best because apart from being very rich in amino acids, it does not contain any flavors, fats or carbohydrates.

Instead, whey can help you lose excess fat and help increase your muscle mass. Whey is a by-product of cheese and it tastes food and can be combined with most meals including breakfast and after work outs.

Generally most protein powders are good for both men and women. So far there have not been any complains about using protein powders in women. It’s also possible for women to achieve as much muscles as they want just like the men. However women should consult a qualified specialist first for further advice before committing to any type of protein powder.

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