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Ultimate Power of Music That Can Help the People Tremendously In Addiction Recovery!

It is rightly said that music has no language barriers. While we know that music has the ability to make us feel calm and give us pleasurable experience, do you know it can offer psychological and therapeutic benefits too for people that are in addiction recovery?

Music enhances the immune system function of our body and reduces stress too. In fact, it has been proved to be even more effective than the prescription drugs for reducing anxiety right before surgery. Let us now explore how music can play an important role in addiction recovery.

Music and addiction recovery

There are many songs about addiction that offers wealth of benefits especially to the patients in addiction recovery. The top ones are listed below.

  • Promoting self-awareness
  • Providing outlet for the self-expression
  • Improving self-esteem
  • Reducing stress and providing relaxation

One of the studies even found out that music therapy is directly related to willingness for participating in the addiction treatment. Music motivates the clients to get engaged in their treatment completely.


Psychological advantages of music therapy


Apart from physical benefits, music connects to inner spirituality which is quite important facet of addiction recovery. It encapsulates just the same qualities related to life like tension, rhythm, and release. When people get indulged in listening to music, they even experience all these qualities. In turn, they get connected with their innermost feelings and get smooth healing from their emotional trauma, shame, and scars. Some of its other awesome benefits are as follows.

  • Boosts workout performance
  • Improves motivation
  • Helps people in managing pain
  • Improves mood and reduces depression symptoms
  • Enhances sleep quality
  • Enhances cognitive and memory performance


In earlier stages of addiction recovery, clients tend to get frustrated easily. They may feel slow and foggy. However, music helps them to restore and improve those feelings. If the clients are reading as well as playing music, their cognitive functions can sharpen and it will result into quick reaction times.


So now you know what music has to offer right? For the ones in addiction recovery, healing power of music can indeed be very helpful!

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